Ideas for magic:

Might use ‘magic as powers’.

To emulate Shadowrun’s Magic system, where Magic is a separate attribute, damaged by taking certain magical attacks or by using implants, and raised through initiation, we will use 10+Magery as a ‘fifth attribute’. This attribute starts at 10 (10 + Magery 0) and increases at the rate of +1 per 10 points. You can not buy negative Magery levels, but can earn them through the aforementioned magical attacks or implants. Magic users must still buy Magery 0 to work magic.

Magery level sets an upper limit on spell skill instead of giving a bonus to IQ for the purpose of learning spells. The formula to find this limit is 10 + (Modifier * Magery). Modifier is a variable that ranges from 1 to 2. 1 would make powerful magic users more expensive, while a modifier of 2 would make it fairly cheap. As an experiment until further testing can be done, a modifier of 1.5 will be used, rounded up.

There is one big subclass of spells that just do not happen in Shadowrun, and that is any form of teleportation. Lifting things, making things fly, etc. is fine, but teleporting instantly from A to B is something that does not happen in Shadowrun. This isn’t just for fluff reasons, it makes sense in what the game is primarily about. It’s about infiltrating, getting where you shouldn’t be… and if you can just snap your fingers and get there as a mage, then why wouldn’t everyone be a mage?


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