Bioware uses the Cybernetics rules presented in Gurps 4e – Ultratech on page 207, with a few modifications.

The basic idea for bioware is that you pick an effect, be it a stat modification, advantage, or disadvantage, or whatever. Then you find a logical explanation as to how an implant could make this effect happen. This is mostly for fluff, but the more specific you are with the explanation, the more fun we’re going to have because it’s easier to understand something if there’s lots of details. You modify bioware with the custom limitation of ‘Essence Interference’.

A brief explanation of bioware follows, due to the more obscure nature of it compared to cybernetics. Bioware are things like artificial organs, genetic therapies, or full living lifeforms that can be implanted. For example, an artificial stomach that would allow you to digest trees like a beaver would be bioware. Another example would be a serum that modifies your dna so your ears change into cat ears.

Bioware does not have the limitation of ‘Electrical, -20%’ referenced in the book mentioned earlier, and instead uses the custom limitation of ‘Biological’.

Example Bioware.


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